CobraMX Race Rotors


Updated 2/14

The BrakeTech USA CobraMX™ race rotors are a premium stainless steel fixed (solid) mount design intended for Pro-Level competition.

Incorporating a fully optimized petal design with engineered attributes specific to Motocross and Supercross racing. This functionally driven design draws heavily upon our extensive experience in road racing with special attention paid to both load path and thermal management.

Technological advantages include the exclusive Cryo-Cure™ deep-cycle Cryogenic processing performed at -300º Fahrenheit in a 36-hour computer controlled liquid nitrogen vapor system. Such notables as the U.S. Military, NASA, NASCAR and many others utilize this hi-tech process to stabilize metals and improve durability.

The lightweight CobraMX series defines style and panache but with none of the downside of the intermittent contact type rotors. High performance and consistency are the hallmarks of this new brake system. The fixed mount design provides a rock-solid feel and stable platform for strategic late braking maneuvers with confidence.


  • Cryogenic treatment
  • Fixed-mount design
  • Premium Stainless steel


The CobraMX is available individually or in kit form packaged with the high performance FERODO SinterGrip SG race pads for the ultimate upgrade kit!


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