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Supersport Race Rotors

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Supersport Race Rotors

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AXIS™ Supersport Race Rotors

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The patented AXIS series race–spec full-floaters have been specifically developed and optimized for top level race teams campaigning Supersport classes requiring the use of OE calipers.  Our 6mm thick race-spec floaters perform brilliantly with a wide variety of manufacturer calipers

The AXIS full-floaters in both our Billet Ductile Iron and the recently upgraded Cobra stainless steel series offer substantially improved performance in terms of both modulation at the lever and overall braking power.  Plus we take the unparalleled step across our entire line of performance rotors with the inclusion of technologically advanced and computer controlled Cryogenic processing.  This 24-hour deep cycle freezing treatment provides greater thermal stability and reduces wear.

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The patented AXIS Design floating system is many times stronger than conventional semi-floating brake rotors.  The heart of this advanced design has the floater buttons controlling radial and axial float only.  They are non-load bearing.  All of the considerable braking forces are channeled through the trademarked Direct-Link architecture comprising over an 800% increase in surface area load transfer as compared to conventional brake rotors…simply a superior design!

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Where rulebook legal, our billet Iron provides a higher coefficient of friction over stainless, but very importantly, with more feel, feedback and control at the brake lever.

The design elements comprised in our semi narrow-band architecture is specifically optimized for use with late generation OE calipers.  The thicker 6mm blades strategically increase mass at the critical interface.  This substantially improves their ability to deal more effectively with the high thermal loads encountered in top-level racing.  Another benefit is greater consistency in braking performance throughout a race from start to finish.  They perform brilliantly with the OE traction-control electronics for seamless operation making them a simple bolt on.

Size offerings include:

  • 310mm x 6mm
  • 320mm x 6mm
  • 330mm x 6mm

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We offer over-size kits as well for racing in classes where not constrained by rules.

Regarding the size difference (310mm vs 320mm vs 330mm), it all comes down to the mechanical advantage produced by moving the fulcrum point further out for more leverage on the wheel.  There is also the proportional feature of greater thermal capacity created by increased mass and surface area of the larger unit.

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The AXIS full-floaters move freely on their carriers.  This reduces brake drag along with design inspired benefits including reduced thermal build, reduced brake fade, improved braking efficiency, and longer pad life.

The AXIS carriers also feature design elements that improves assembly strength by straightening the load path from curvature to linear.  Material here too is very special; we spec U.S. produced Alcoa or Kaiser aircraft grade aluminum only, cut and CNC machined from bar, not stamped. They are then hard anodized to Mil-Spec Type III process for maximum durability.

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The U.S. spec billet cut ductile iron blade sports a CAD optimized CNC machined hole and slot pattern, which maximizes cooling as well as high strength.  Weight minimums are prudently kept in-step with the demands of top-level racing.  While weight reductions are generally desirable, the experienced tuner will not sacrifice reduced rotor mass at the cost diminished braking performance relative to thermal overload (i.e.: brake fade).

The AXIS race rotors feature optimal material mass to deal with the realities and requirements of high thermal load exposure.  Regardless of rotor shape, one of the basic physics of braking is the conversion of kinetic energy into thermal energy; adequate material mass for this process is crucial.

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The highest performance levels are achieved with our continuous-cast, high tensile strength and billet machined Ductile iron.  Also in the premium category is the CNC machined AXIS/Cobra series in the new race-spec stainless steel.  With the recently upgraded material system, the fully optimized petal design rotor is all function with none of the downside problems of the “wave” type rotors.

The AXIS/Cobra stainless steel series covers those either requiring like-material specs for Superstock racing as well as wet weather racing.

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At BrakeTech USA, Quality isn’t expensive, it’s priceless!


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