XR1200 Harley Upgrades

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AXIS Upgrade Kits for the

Harley XR1200 Hot Rod Series


BrakeTech USA is very pleased to bring the patented AXIS™ series Big-Brake Upgrade kit for the demanding Harley XR1200 HotRod enthusiast and racer.  Not just another in a myriad of stylized custom rotors, the patented AXIS full-floaters feature our uniquely hi-tech floating architecture.  This pivotal development increases load capacity under severe braking conditions not only in the rarefied atmosphere of top level racing, but performs brilliantly on the street as well.

Carriers are CNC machined from high tensile strength U.S. spec 6061-T6 extruded billet aluminum.  Available in Black Diamond hard anodize or deep chrome plated finishes.  Three styles of floater button finishes are available:  Standard black, optional red or upgrade chrome allows further customizing to match or contrast the rotor assembly.


Storz XR1200

Storz Performance Gentlemen’s Express

With focus in the performance range, the advanced design AXIS™ full-floaters offer substantially improved performance in terms of both modulation at the lever and overall braking power.  The patented advanced floating system of the AXIS series full-floaters are many times stronger than conventional semi-floating brake rotors.  The heart of this patented design has the floater buttons controlling radial and axial float only, they are non-load bearing.  All of the considerable braking forces are channeled through the trademarked Direct-Link™ architecture comprising over an 800% increase in surface area load transfer as compared to conventional floating brake rotors…simply a far superior design!

We offer them in both our traditional race-spec Ductile Iron as well as the AXIS/Cobra series featuring an optimized petal style with none of the downside problems associated with the wave type rotors.

Plus we are the first major brake rotor manufacturer to include hi-tech Cryogenic processing on the entire line of performance rotors as a standard operational component of manufacture.   The inclusion of this advanced technologically employing computer controlled, 40 hour deep freezing treatment provides greater thermal stability along with improved wear resistance.

Iron provides a higher coefficient of friction over stainless, with more feel and feedback at the brake lever.  But get them wet – they’re going to rust.  If you’re a fair weather rider like me, then it’s a non-event and not an issue.  However, if you ride distances where inclement weather is a definite possibility, you’re better off with our AXIS/Cobra™ stainless steel series in the optimized petal design.


AXIS/Cobra stainless steel Full-Floater with standard black bobbins


AXIS/Iron version



The following details the range of brake pad recommendations from Ferodo for the Harley/Nissin 4 piston OE calipers:
The Platinum™ organic pads have the most feel and modulation at the brake lever and is the Number One performing organic road friction material for a broad cross-section of street bikes. Developed from technology gained from Ferodo’s World Racing program, the Platinum compound offers excellent all-around braking response with a co-efficient of friction level that is both linear and consistent.For real-world street use with stainless steel or iron rotors, we recommend the high performance Platinum pads as they are remarkably user friendly offering great overall power and modulation for those that do not prefer a high level initial bite.  The result is superb feel and feedback at the brake lever with the added benefit of low abrasion which is very kind to brake rotors

The Platinum organic compound is also the dominant material used extensively in both MotoGP and World Superbike as “the” rear brake pad due to its incredible feedback and added control it delivers at the pedal.  AHRMA Vintage class roadracing is yet another venue where the Platinum organic provides an optimal blend of power and control for a large cross-section of these classic series race bikes.

• FDB2079P;    Platinum organic

SinterGrip ST / STAC:
Ferodo SinterGrip ST brake pads represent the very latest in leading edge technology of sintered metal friction design.  These updated pads provide outstanding performance not only in setting the standard for all-out braking power, but in truly remarkable feel and feedback as well.   Designed to be kind to stainless rotors, this advanced composition friction material allows the wheel to spin much more freely in comparison to other HH brand brake pads that create a power robbing and excessive brake drag situation on the rotor.  In addition, the STAC version features the trademarked Array Cooling technology to reduce friction material smearing under severe thermal load conditions.
The FERODO SinterGrip pads offer incredible stopping power combined with precision control, minimal brake drag, lower operating temperature and quick bed-in for a significant improvement in overall performance.

• FDB2079ST;      SinterGrip HH-rated

• FDB2079STAC;  SinterGrip Track-Day


SinterGrip XRAC:
Ferodo Racing has updated the well renown SinterGrip XRAC with an all-new formulation.  Over a year in development, this new sintered metal race compound features a higher peak coefficient of friction than its predecessor while providing even more feel and modulation at the lever for greater control entering tricky corners under trail braking.  A rising torque curve increases power when needed most in severe braking conditions.  Improved thermal stability provides greater lap to lap repeatability to allow racers to consistently hit the same brake marker with inspiring confidence.  Also features the trademarked Array Cooling™ technology to reduce interface temperatures under severe thermal load conditions.  This remarkable new race compound is extremely powerful, but marries user friendly torque characteristics that provide late braking consistency, lap after lap.

• FDB2079XRAC;  SinterGrip Race

ZRAC Racing:
The all new Ferodo ZRAC race pad range does not replace the recently updated XRAC, but rather is a very focused and limited product range that features the trademarked HIT™ (High Initial Torque) technology which simply translates into a higher initial coefficient of friction for more more initial bite than the XRAC.  But it doesn’t stop there, this is combined with an extremely high peak friction for an amazingly powerful brake system.  The intent is to offer more performance options for Pro level racing as well as seasoned club racers who prefer the characteristics of a flatter torque curve.  Feel and feedback at the lever is superb providing excellent control during late braking corner entrances while it’s thermally stable friction characteristics maintain linear progression to peak power under maximum pressure.  As with the XRAC stablemate, the all-new ZRAC also features the trademarked Array Cooling™ technology to reduce interface temperatures under severe thermal load conditions.
This new product range will be limited to late model Sportbikes and Billet GP type race calipers:

• FDB2079ZRAC; Brembo twin-pin Race


CP1 Carbon/ceramic:
Also new is the long awaited and brilliant performing CP1 organic series race pads.  This replaces the popular and long standing CP211 carbon/metallic pads with an entirely new friction composition technology incorporating advanced Siloxane polymers into a truly innovative Carbon/ceramic matrix.  This is not a case of simply adding ceramic particulates (friction modifiers) to the mix but rather and a new and different approach how organic composition racing brake pads operate.  Provides tremendous power and control at the brake lever with a predictable and  reassuring rising torque curve for that added power, deep into a corner – whenever you need it, time after time.  Performs brilliantly on stainless and even better on our Ductile Iron brake rotors.  Plus very low abrasion as well.
• FDB2079CP1  Carbon/ceramic race


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