New AXIS/RR Supersport Race Rotors


BrakeTech is pleased to announce the all-new AXIS/RR Round-Race series rotors in continuing effort to bring the very best to top world level competitors around the globe. Utilizing the latest in hi-tech stainless steel alloy, this proprietary metallurgy is formulated for the severe demands of top level pro racing. The AXIS/RR employs our patented floating architecture, optimized for the severe braking environment of pro level racing.

Brake Tech - Axis/RR

AXIS/RR  •  GSX-R1000  •  BTR-S5R.S  (photo: James Boyce, UK)

Initially, two size configurations are available for covering a large range of models:

  • 320mm x 6mm, semi narrow-band race-spec
  • 330mm x 6mm, semi narrow-band race-spec

With the advent of phasing out the AXIS/Iron, the way forward was paved for the introduction of their replacement.  We’ve had this in development for quite a while culminating with the new AXIS/RR (round/race) series.  This is largely due to three factors:

  • Round race rotors have become dominant in FIM world level racing, which is filtering out to the many national series now as well
  • Many competitors having tried wave rotors and experiencing problems have come full circle back to the elegant and highly effective simplicity of round rotors over the wave type (BTW; our Cobra SS rotors are an optimized petal design, not wave…) 
  • Iron is not legal in AMA or FIM pro level competition
Brake Tech - Axis/RR

AXIS/RR  •  YZF-R1  •  BTR-R1R.S  (photo: Mike Applegate, MRA #1 plate holder)

This new race rotor features a high tech, multi-aspect lightening/vent hole pattern that is a mere 25g heavier than its Cobra SS race-spec brethren. This new configuration improves ventilation crossflow cooling which when combined with a nominal increase in total mass, effectively raises the thermal threshold to a higher level further resisting heat induced brake fade.
So the new AXIS/RR offering is a pure race design optimized for its intended purpose yet very user friendly on the street and an excellent choice for the high performance enthusiast who prefers round vs contoured O/D’s.
The proprietary stainless steel alloy produces virtually identical performance as with our AXIS/Iron rotors creating a higher coefficient of friction than conventional stainless steel. Plus, unlike iron, the AXIS/RR and Cobra SS race rotors are AMA and FIM legal (again, iron is not).

Lastly; the new AXIS/RR is offered as a stablemate to the highly effective and very successful Cobra SS. With its optimized petal design, the Cobra performs like a round rotor and has none of the problems associated with wave type rotors.

Brake Tech - Axis/RR

AXIS/RR  •  BMW M1000RR  •  BTR-B3R.S

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