The Platinum™ organic pads have the most feel and modulation at the brake lever and is the Number One performing organic road friction material for a broad cross-section of street bikes. Developed from technology gained from Ferodo’s World Racing program, the Platinum compound offers excellent all-around braking response with a co-efficient of friction level that is both linear and consistent. For real-world street use with stainless steel or iron rotors, we recommend the high performance Platinum pads as they are remarkably user friendly offering great overall power and modulation for those that do not prefer a high level initial bite.  The result is superb feel and feedback at the brake lever with the added benefit of low abrasion which is very kind to brake rotors

The Platinum organic compound is also the dominant material used extensively in both MotoGP and World Superbike as “the” rear brake pad due to its incredible feedback and added control it delivers at the pedal.  AHRMA Vintage class roadracing is yet another venue where the Platinum organic provides an optimal blend of power and control for a large cross-section of these classic series race bikes.




  • Manufactured with Original Equipment homologated process, along with a unique vulcanization process that provides superior bonding to the specially prepared backplate
  • Alloy coated backplate reduces corrosion and eliminates piston sticking to heated paint
  • Highest coefficient of friction in an organic road material
  • Compound transmits highest level of modulation of any compound
  • Compound performs well in wet and dry conditions



To find the correct application for your bike, please use the link below to download the Ferodo North American Brake Pad Application Guide, or use our contact form, and we will get back to you ASAP!

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