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For models equipped with old school cross-pull master-cylinders, another area for improvement is with the new generation of Nissin radial pump master-cylinders.  The increased piston size along with the substantial increase in leverage ratio makes for a truly significant performance improvement you can immediately feel every time you pull the lever!  Two piston sizes are available depending on requirements; the 19x18mm units replace the 5/8″ OE size and the 17x18mm replace the 14mm OE sizes.  The Nissin radial pumps come with two different handlebar mounting perches depending on your needs, plus include an integral brake light micro-switch.   A matching clutch radial pump is available as well (gold only).

* For 7/8″ diameter handlebars.
* Use with M10 x P1.25 banjo bolt.



All 6-pot models use the 17x18mm units
All 8-pot models use the 19x18mm units


• BTN656.B, 19x18mm radial pump, black body, $249.95
• BTN656.G, 19x18mm radial pump, gold body, $249.95
• BTN657.B, 17x18mm radial pump, black body, $249.95
• BTN666.G, 19x18mm radial pump, gold body, $249.95




The Nissin 6-piston, axial mount calipers are available with 90mm mounting centers as well as 40mm (fits many early model Ducati’s, Moto-Guzzi’s, etc.).  They are a simple direct bolt-on and provide both greater rigidity and improved piston retraction (for less brake drag) than the OEM calipers.  Plus, they’re attractively priced at only $319.95 each ($329.95 each for the 40mm mount units)!

* Banjo bolt size: M10 x P1.25
* Replacement brake pads: Ferodo FDB2036 series available in the Platinum organic, HH-rated SinterGrip ST and XRAC race pads.

90mm mount center models fits the following models as a direct bolt-on:



•  Kawasaki ZX6R, (1998-02)

•  Kawasaki ZX7R, all with 90mm mounting centers (`96-03)

•  Kawasaki ZX9R, all with 90mm mounting centers (`97-01)

•  Kawasaki ZRX1100/1200, all

•  Kawasaki ZX12R, all with 90mm mounting centers (`00-03)

•  Kawasaki VN1500 Vulcan Mean Streak,  (`02-04)



•  GSX-R600, (`98-99)

•  GSX-R750, (`88-99)

•  RF900R, (`94-97)

•  TL1000S/R, all

•  GSX-R1100, (`89-99)

•  GSF1200/S, (`97-00)

•  GSX1300R Hayabusa, (`99-07)



Conversion Kits & Billet Adapter Brackets:

Update your classic Sportbike with cost-effective performance upgrades kits, including:

Kawasaki ZX7R, `91-95 Model Years

Kawasaki ZX9R, `94-96 Model Years

Kawasaki ZX1100D, `94-01 Model Years

  • BTZX11.N6K:   Nissin 6-pot Caliper Upgrade Kit, $750.00
  • BTZX11.BX:     Nissin 6-pot adapter bracket kit only, list $169.95

  320mm O/S Kits & Caliper Relo Bracket set

Kawasaki ZX6R `98-02 Models (90mm mounting center)

  • BTZX6.FK:  incl’s Ferodo 320mm SS rotors & adapter brkts; $750.00
  • BTZX6.BK:  Billet Adapter Bracket Kit only;  list $169.95



320mm Billet Adapter Brackets for the Honda `93-97 CBR900RR Fireblade and VTR1000F Superhawk (all)

  • BT9RR.BK:  Billet Adapter Bracket Kit only;  list $169.95 – sale $124.95 pr.
  • BTVTR.BK:  Billet Adapter Bracket Kit only;  list $169.95 – sale $124.95 pr.


NOTE:  Conversion kits typically require longer brake hoses

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