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Updated Ferodo Racing compounds:



SinterGrip ZRAC Race:

The Ferodo ZRAC race pad range does not replace the recently updated XRAC, but rather is a very focused and limited product range that features the trademarked HIT™ (High Initial Torque) technology which simply translates into a higher initial coefficient of friction for more more initial bite than the XRAC.  But it doesn’t stop there, this is combined with an extremely high peak friction for an amazingly powerful brake system.  The intent is to offer more performance options for Pro level racing as well as seasoned club racers who prefer the characteristics of a flatter torque curve.  Feel and feedback at the lever is superb providing excellent control during late braking corner entrances while it’s thermally stable friction characteristics maintain linear progression to peak power under maximum pressure.  As with the XRAC stablemate, the all-new ZRAC also features the trademarked Array Cooling™ technology to reduce interface temperatures under severe thermal load conditions.
This is a highly specialized new product with a limited production range exclusive to late model Sportbikes and Billet GP type race calipers:

Expanded Coverage:

  • FDB2007  (Brembo Billet GP & GP4: 32/36mm, 8.3mm)
  • FDB2042  (Brembo 4-pot, twin-pin)
  • FDB2079  (Nissin 4-pot: RC51, XR1200R, ZX6R (636 `013)
  • FDB2120  (Brembo 4-pad Goldline)
  • FDB2123  (Brembo Billet GP: 32/36mm, 10mm)
  • FDB2166  (Brembo Billet GP: 10mm 4-pad)
  • FDB2204  (Tokico 4-pot, Gixxer & late ZX10R)
  • FDB2205  (Tokico 4-pot, CBR’s)
  • FDB2217  (Sumitomo 4-pad / 6-pot `07+ R1)
  • FDB2218  (Brembo M4/M50 4-pot, pinless; Aprilia RSV-4, HP4, Ducati 1098/1299, late model ZX10R & Gixxers (8.6mm thick)
  • FDB2260  (Brembo M4/M50 4-pot, pinless; Aprilia RSV-4, HP4, Ducati 1098/1299, late model ZX10R & Gixxers (7.5mm thick)
  • FDB2220  (Nissin 4-pad;  ZX6R (`07-12)
  • FDB2228  (Brembo Billet GP: 34/38mm, 4-pot pinless)
  • FDB2240  (Buell EBR 8-pot, 4-pad)
  • FDB2255  (BMW S1000RR w/ 4.5mm backplates, OE spec rotors only)
  • FDB2278  (Brembo Billet GP: 94mm x 33.8mm x 9.5, pinless)
  • FDB605    (Sumitomo 4-pot, R6/R1, Tri 675, etc. )


Updated SinterGrip XRAC Race:

Ferodo Racing recently updated the well renown SinterGrip XRAC with an all-new formulation.  Over a year in development, this new sintered metal race compound features a higher peak coefficient of friction than its predecessor while providing even more feel and modulation at the lever for greater control entering tricky corners under trail braking.  A rising torque curve increases power when needed most in severe braking conditions.  Improved thermal stability provides greater lap to lap repeatability allowing racers to consistently hit the same brake marker with inspiring confidence.  Also features the trademarked Array Cooling™ technology to reduce interface temperatures under severe thermal load conditions.  This remarkable new race compound is extremely powerful, but marries user friendly torque characteristics that provide late braking consistency, lap after lap.


Quick Reference Application Guides:

•  Ducati Race Apps

•  Euro Race Apps (including Aprilia, BMW, KTM, MV & Triumph)

•  Honda Race Apps

•  Kawasaki Race Apps

•  Suzuki Race Apps

•  Yamaha Race Apps


Array Cooling™ (AC) unique to Ferodo sintered motorcycle race pads

AC Benefits :

• Improved resistance to high temperature fade
• Higher friction level (mu)
• Decreased pad wear
• More consistent performance throughout pad life
• Reduces excessive material deposition on disc
• Full XRAC racing range with Array Cooling to cover all popular Sportbikes and roadracers
• Limited ZRAC racing range with Array Cooling covers select late model Sportbikes and Race  specific calipers 

The XRAC race pads are also ideally suited to address the high performance requirement of the TRACK-DAY enthusiast market.

Please Note:  FERODO Race Pads are often thicker than their OE counterparts, and as such, re-installing the clip-on OE backplate shields is not recommended or desirable.  We also recommend flushing your hydraulics with a premium race-spec brake fluid such as the Ferodo Super Formula Race (FSF050) which not only provides optimal fresh fluid, but simultaneously adjusts your master-cyclinder to the correct level as well.  Lastly, and for best results, we recommend prepping your brake rotors to insure a quick and uncomplicated bed-in, the Rotor Hone detailed elsewhere on our website is designed expressly for this job!

Click here for our detailed Race Pad Bed-In instructions



Click here for the Ferodo Sportbike & Roadrace Application Guide

Or below for the general application guide:

Click here for PDF application guide

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