On the new front is the AXIS/Iron Performance Upgrade series rotors for the BMW S1000RR.  A significant departure from our current offerings as this all new design employs a 5-pt mounting system attaching to the spokes of the OE wheel.  The new BTB-10 (320mm x 5mm) features some very innovative and exclusive design elements that truly set it apart from anything else on the market.  Fits all S1000RR / R models through 2020

The BTB-10 series is a dedicated new blade design expressly for the spoke mounted S1000RR.  In order to obtain the strength and stability we require, design development incorporates what we call an InterPhase Link system to increase thrust-face area for improved assembly strength and thermal transfer.  Effectively then, this is a novel mechanism to achieve a 10-pt thrust-face configuration with five bobbins, seamlessly matching the symmetry of the OE wheels.  Although initially to be manufactured in our billet Iron, the Cobra stainless will follow.

Manufactured at our standard spec of 5mm for use with the OE Brembo 4-pad caliper, so is in effect our Performance Upgrade Series.  This provides a significantly higher overall level of capability compared to the standard issue OE system.  However, this is not a race-spec floater.  For those individuals or race teams campaigning the S1000RR, should utilize our HP4 race-spec series option

•    BTB-10.L & R:  AXIS/Iron 320mm x 5mm
•    BTB-10.SL & SR:  AXIS/Cobra SS 320mm x 5mm

•    BTB-15.L & R:  AXIS/Iron 320mm x 5mm (Hub mount for use with late gen Forged wheels)
•    BTB-15.SL & SR:  AXIS/Cobra SS 320mm x 5mm (Hub mount for use with late gen Forged wheels)

The BTB220R rear floater requires minor modification of the OE sensor ring for proper fitment


Ferodo discs are the best option for an upgrade replacement of standard worn brake rotors.  Made from premium 420 stainless steel, they are available for most models as an upgraded version of the OE disc. All discs are manufactured with a laser cut, heat-treated, high carbon stainless steel that provides:

  • Higher friction coefficient
  • Improved wear for both disc and brake pad
  • Increased strength





The Ferodo front brake rotor “blade” kits are available for a limited range of models as a semi-floating upgrade and are manufactured from the same premium 420 stainless steel as the other offerings. These upgrade blade kits include all requisite fasteners to mount to the original equipment center carrier making it not only cost effective, but an easy way to improve the overall braking performance in a variety of applications including the early classic model motorcycles (FMD0080R and FMD0081R).


The comprehensive range of brake pad and shoe applications covers the broad spectrum of models and fitments with both the Platinum organic and HH-rated SinterGrip ST high performance brake pads for nearly all models.



FDB108                            FDB155P

This includes upgrade applications for the early BMW’s shod with the old ATE swing calipers (FDB155P); the FF-rated Ferodo Platinum pads offer performance beyond their nominal friction rating.  The Platinum™ organic pads have the most feel and modulation at the brake lever and is the Number One performing organic road friction material for a broad cross-section of street bikes. Developed from technology gained from Ferodo’s World Racing program, the Platinum compound offers excellent all-around braking response with a co-efficient of friction level that is both linear and consistent. For real-world street use with stainless steel or iron rotors, we recommend the high performance Platinum pads as they are remarkably user friendly offering great overall power and modulation for those that do not prefer a high level initial bite.  The result is superb feel and feedback at the brake lever with the added benefit of low abrasion, which is very kind to brake rotors.

HP4 Race Rotors

The new AXIS/Iron race configuration was designed expressly for top level teams racing the high power HP4 race bikes.  The core focus was to develop a purpose built 320mm x 6mm semi narrow-band architecture specifically optimized for use with late generation OE calipers.  The thicker 6mm design strategically increases mass at the critical interface, substantially improving their ability to deal more effectively with the high thermal loads encountered in top level racing.  Another benefit is greater consistency in braking performance throughout a race from start to finish.  They perform brilliantly with the OE traction-control electronics for seamless operation making them a simple bolt-on.

BTR-B1 (HP4 race-rotors) and new BTB-15 series feature integral bosses for ABS ring mounting


Click here for BrakeTech / BMW application guide and below for the Ferodo application guide:

FDB108                                                     FDB155P                          FDB2006      FDB2018 & 2039

The Platinum organic compound is also the dominant material used extensively in both MotoGP and World Superbike as “the” rear brake pad due to its incredible feedback and added control it delivers at the pedal.  AHRMA Vintage class roadracing is yet another venue where the Platinum organic provides an optimal blend of power and control for a large cross-section of these classic series race bikes.

FDB2042                     FDB2050               FDB2102

The Ferodo SinterGrip ST brake pads represent the very latest in leading edge technology of sintered metal friction design. These recently updated pads provide outstanding performance not only in setting the standard for all-out braking power, but in truly remarkable feel and feedback as well. Designed to be kind to stainless rotors, this advanced composition friction material allows the wheel to spin much more freely in comparison to other HH brand brake pads that create a power robbing and excessive brake drag situation on the rotor.

FDB2124                           FDB2125                        FDB2255

The FERODO SinterGrip pads offer incredible stopping power combined with precision control, minimal brake drag, lower operating temperature and quick bed-in for a significant improvement in overall performance.

FDB2218 / 2260              FDB2265


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