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THE NEW CobraMX 270mm
Performance Race Rotors

Updated 9-2023


The new CobraMX 270mm over-size race rotor kits are intended as a spearhead into the pro racing arena as it sports the same unique pedigree as our established AXIS roadrace series full-floaters but in the requisite semi-floating mode. We employ special spring washers on the floater buttons rather than the ground shims used on our full-floaters. The system is optimized to provide stability for use in the OE floating single action calipers yet allows for radial expansion under thermal load with a superior design that is significantly lighter than a similarly large fixed mount monolithic type. Available in kit form with special Ferodo Racing brake pads or rotors alone.


Thicker 270mm x 3.5mm blade for greater overall performance including firmer lever & improved thermal stability

Patented Floating Architecture for greater assembly strength and durability

Completely re-buildable*

Cryogenic treatment for improved wear characteristics & consistent performance

Bobbin colour choices: red, blue & black (and KTM orange)

Kit includes billet aluminum caliper relocation brackets (as required on certain models)

Kits cover later model CRF’s, KX/F, RM/Z, YZ/F and KTM/Husky



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SinterGrip ZR SuperRace Pads:
This is the new sintered metal compound that is becoming the world leader in off-road racing technology. The HH+ Rated sintered compound is a front-only, Pro Race pad developed for Factory level racing. Combines ultra high friction with incredible feel and modulation at the lever for extraordinary power and control:
• Developed for Pro Class Off-Road & Supercross racing
• Ultra high friction yet remarkable control & feel at the lever
• Designed for speed sensitivity, gets stronger the faster you go
• Low abrasion translates into longer rotor life
• Fast bedding-in period

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Strength & Durability
New CobraMX
Billet Iron
Rear Race Rotors
The new CobraMX Billet Iron rear race rotor kits are like nothing you’ve seen before! This ground breaking technology for top level Offroad Racing and MX heralds from our years of extensive background in roadracing. Unlike the gray cast iron brake rotors in your car or truck which are individually molded, the BrakeTech billet iron series is machined from U.S. spec nodular iron billet (aka ductile iron). Ductile iron has a substantially higher tensile strength than gray iron which in combination with its higher yield strengths is similar to AISI 1040 steel. Also features a microstructure that resists thermal stress induced fracturing well beyond the limits of gray iron. Combine this with its inherent Thermal Conductivity advantage (see attached comparison chart) and the compatible Ferodo SinterGrip SG rear race pads and you end up with a premium rear brake system the provides the following and more:

CobraMX race iron system provides a higher coefficient of friction than stainless steel

CobraMX race spec billet iron delivers greater feedback and control at the brake pedal, increasing the overall effectiveness of the rear brake

CobraMX rear iron brake system improves the thermal stability via higher thermal conductivity

CobraMX rear iron brake rotors are Cryogenically treated for improved wear characteristics & consistent performance

CobraMX rear iron race rotors employ high tech black zinc plating to minimize rust on the non-pad sweep areas

Kits cover later model CRF’s, KX/F, RM/Z, YZ/F and KTM/Husky
Must be used with the approved Ferodo SinterGrip SG race pads

For heavy braking applications such the rear brake in long desert races or enduro’s with crazy downhill sections, the rear brakes take a serious beating. Here is where you need a brake rotor with higher conductivity to deal with the high thermal loads.

Whereas when speaking of the hydraulic system and specifically the caliper piston, super low conductivity is the key to improved performance and enhanced thermal stability in the brake system.

Updated 3-2023

BT Ventilated Caliper Racing Pistons

The modern OE rear brake calipers found on nearly all offroad and motocross bikes have come a long way in since the drum rear brakes days of the mid 80’s. Far more performance loaded with greater control, ease of changing out brake pads with a wide variety of compounds and quite effective in the overall. However, for serious enduro and desert racers, rear brake fluid boil can be a potential spoiler in races with lots of technical down hill sections and areas requiring heavy rear brake usage.

BrakeTech is now addressing this with specially engineered ventilated stainless steel pistons of proprietary material that all but eliminates those shortcoming. Our engineering solution incorporates an innovative fluid maximizer that increases the total fluid volume in the brake system:

• Reduces thermal conductivity
• Dramatically improves piston retraction, with a similar reduction of brake drag
• Increases total fluid volume within the closed hydraulic system
• Enhances resistance to fluid boil
• Improves overall braking consistency under severe racing conditions

These new race pistons should also aid in keeping the pedal from going soft during the heat of battle on the track. The proprietary design of the BrakeTech Caliper Racing Pistons increases of the total volume of fluid within the system further improving thermal stability.

The new ventilated racing pistons are manufactured in the U.S. from American made stainless to provide greater thermal stability for racing applications.  This translates into much more consistent braking under extreme conditions.  No more losing the rear brake in the second half of the race, suffering the effects of fluid boil.  The difference between the OE cast steel pistons and our new ventilated Caliper Racing Pistons can provide the critical difference in winning or losing a race.

Available for a wide range of modern MX’ers:
• Including Brembo, Honda CRF and Nissin calipers

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