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CPro Carbon/ceramic Race:

Ferodo Racing is pleased to announce the successor to the existing CP1 race compound with the all-new CPro.
The result of an extensive development program looking to build on the success with a Carbon/ceramic formulation that exceeds the performance parameters of its predecessor in nearly every category.

In comparison to the CP1, the new C-Pro organic race pads feature:
• Substantially higher peak coefficient of friction for greater overall stopping power
• Higher average coefficient of friction across the entire thermal range
• Higher thermal threshold to resist fade in the harshest conditions
• Stronger, but not overpowering initial bite when up to optimal operating temps
• Excellent feel and feedback at the lever
• Brilliant overall performance on both iron and stainless steel rotors



Quick Reference Application Guides:

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•  Euro Race Apps (including Aprilia, BMW, KTM, MV & Triumph)

•  Honda Race Apps

•  Kawasaki Race Apps

•  Suzuki Race Apps

•  Yamaha Race Apps


Substantially higher peak and average friction level inspires confidence in your braking leading to quicker lap times.

• ALL ORGANIC Race Compounds must be bed-in on clean rotors to perform properly and to their potential.  Not doing so will result in poor performance, glazed pads, over-heating, etc.  Pls see the section on prepping brake rotors.

• Many Ferodo Race Compounds are thicker than OE pads, it is therefore strongly recommended to flush your brake fluid with fresh.  This will not only correctly adjust the fluid level in the reservoir, but start you out with the new pads and optimally fresh brake fluid.  The new Ferodo SuperRace brake fluid is the ideal candidate for the job!

• All organic pads including the Carbon/ceramic CP series require thermal cycling for best results. This entails the proper bed-in of new pads on prepped / cleaned rotors. Note here the final curing of organic pads is done on the bike. In the bedding in process, do not hammer the brakes till you literally feel them coming in at the lever. Then up the lever pressure to full race pace. Lastly, allow the brake pads to cool back to ambient.  Your pads should now be fully thermal cycled and bed-in.  The next outing should only take a couple applications of the brakes to bring them up to temp and ready for battle.

Please Note:  FERODO Race Pads are often thicker than their OE counterparts, and as such, re-installing the clip-on OE backplate shields is not recommended or desirable.  We also recommend flushing your hydraulics with a premium race-spec brake fluid such as the Ferodo Super Formula Race (FSF050) which not only provides optimal fresh fluid, but simultaneously adjusts your master-cylinder to the correct level as well.  The final cure of this formulation is necessarily performed on the bike, and as such, thermal cycling these pads is a requisite part of the bed-in process.  Lastly, and for best results, we strongly recommend prepping your brake rotors to insure a quick and uncomplicated bed-in.

Click here for our detailed Race Pad Bed-In instructions



Click here for the Fast-Track Ferodo Sportibke & RoadRace Application Guide

Or below for the general application guide:

Click here for PDF application guide


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